1973 Camaro Z28

1973 Camaro Z28

This page is dedicated to my 1973 Camaro Z28. It has the original 350/245 hp motor, M20 transmission, and 3.42 rear end. It also has air conditioning which is the first year that A/C was available on the 2nd Generation Z28.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Breakdown


* First digit is for the Chevrolet Car Division.
* Second digit is model series: Q=Sport Coupe
* Third and fourth digits refer to the 2 dr. Sport Coupe Body Style.
* Fifth digit is engine code: T=350ci, Z28
* Sixth digit is model year: 3=1973
* Seventh digit is N for Norwood, Ohio assembly.
* Last six digits increased one with each car built at Norwood, sequence started at 100001.

Trim Tag Breakdown

Trim Tag

73-Model Year 1973; 1-Chevrolet Car Division; FQ-Camaro Base Series;
87-2dr. Sport Coupe Body Style; N-Norwood, Ohio Assembly Plant; xxxxxx-Factory Body Number

775-Black Interior Trim; A51-Bucket Seat Type; 75-Medium Red Lower
Body Color; 75-Medium Red Upper Body Color

04A-1st Week April Build Date; Z28-Accessory Code; YF8-Black Stripes

Window Sticker

Window Sticker

My Z28 in a Camaro book

I was fortunate enough to have a picture of my car appear in a book by Peter C. Sessler titled
"Camaro, 1967-2001 Photo Archive". The picture and caption is shown below.

My Z28 in a Camaro book

2nd Generation Camaro Screen Saver

I have created a screen saver using several pictures of 1970-1973 Camaros.
Click here for more information about downloading the screen saver.

(Please note that the file is @ 1.2M in size and may take a few minutes to fully download)

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